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Provider Information -  Hope Association

Date: 3/27/2012

Agency Name: Hope Association

Location: 85 Lincoln Avenue, Rumford, Maine 04276

Contact Person: Catherine Johnson, Executive Director

Telephone #: (207) 364-4561

E-Mail Address:

Web Site Address:

Description of Services: 

Hope Association was formed in 1957 by a group of parents and friends to ensure that their children with intellectual disabilites would be cared for in their community.  The culture and values of this group remain in practice today.

Community Support:  We provide community activities based on client and family choice.  We  partner with local civic organizations and businesses to promote social skills, physical fitness, self maintenance, behavioral skills, problem solving, safety and knowledge of the community. These connections often leads to long term friendships and natural supports as well as increased self esteem.  Pre-vocational skills, if chosen, are also explored.  Please visit our website or Facebook: Hope Association Maine to see our monthly newsletter describing some specific activities.

Nursing Home Out Reach: Services are provided to elligible individuals residing in Nursing homes that would otherwise not be given opportunities for community inclusion and activities of daily living.

Employment: Rural Employment Netwook a program operated by Hope Association works closely with individuals to obtain vocational funding assistance to participate in work assessments, job development and job coaching. Long Term assistance may be obtained through Waiver or MH to ensure clients achieve success in maintaining their employment and independence goals.

Independent Living Program:  Provides services and supports to individuals living with their families or for those individuals who live on their own.  The goal of the Independent Living Program is to provide assistance to individuals in obtaining the necessary skills (Activities of Daily Living and Independent Living Skills) in order for them to be more independent in their homes and community.  Individuals and their families are involved with hiring the Direct Support Professional that will be working closely with them to insure a supportive, success driven relationship for the individual.  The planning team develops goals for each individual to work on and the Direct Support Professionals support individuals in meeting these goals.

Shared Living:  Is an opportunity for individuals to live with a family.  These contracted families provide the same quality support services as employed staff in the Home Support and Independent Living Program.  Shared Living families receive training and provide transportation to community programs.

Training Department: Hope Association offers opportunities for other parents, guardians, other agencies and the community to participate in a variety of trainings.  Trainings provided are Direct Support Professional (DSP), CRP and First Aid, and Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) and Therap.

Residential Supports: Four homes are operated by Hope Association. Two PNMI homes - one (8) bed in Rumford, and one (4) bed in Mexico.  Waiver homes are  located in Mexico, one -(4) bed and a (2) bed.

Community Case Management: Case managers assist adults with intellectual disabilities and their TEAM to locate, refer for and monitor needed services and supports in the Oxford, Franklin and Androscoggin Counties.

Representative Payee Services: Assist with benefit management for current and foreseeable needs of the beneficiary and properly save any benefits nnot needed to meet current needs.  Accountng is proviced to SSA.

Staff Qualifications: All Direct Support Professionals are trained in the following:  1st Aid, CPR, CPI, and DSP, Seizures, Driver Safety, HIPPA, and Rights of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.