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Provider Information - Graham Behavioral Services, Inc.

Date: 05/09/2011

Agency Name: Graham Behavioral Services, Inc.

Location: 76 Eastern Avenue, Augusta, ME 04330

Contact Person: Mary Parks:                          

Telephone #: 207-626-0003

E-Mail Address: Residential support                   

Web Site Address:

Description of Services:

Waiver Sections 21 and 29: Waiver Sections 21 and 29:  We provide supports to individuals receiving waiver services to enhance their ability to live as independently as possible, to achieve goals, including, but not limited to community inclusion, skills building, activities of daily living skills, self-management of behavior and health & medication management.

Program Services include:

  • Residential Supports:
    • Supervised Apartments
    • Supported Living
  • Community Supports:
    • Both individual and small groups