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Provider Information - Good Neighbors Inc.

Date: 9/8/2008

Agency Name: Good Neighbors Inc.

Location: 119 Sandy Creek Rd.  Bridgton, Maine 04009

Contact Person: Rob Knowles - Resource Development

Telephone #: 207-6547-8244 Ext. 15

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Description of Services: GOOD NEIGHBORS, INC supports people with mental retardation in a host of ways. We embrace a "whole life" philosophy that anticipates and meets people's needs throughout their lives. We support a number of people in residential opportunities in seven different locations.

GOOD NEIGHBORS has a Community Support segment; within this model, we look at people as individuals with unique needs that should be met in a way that they determine within their own home. Our "whole life " philosophy embraces all facets of a person's life, and as an agency, we adjust to meet those changing needs.

GOOD NEIGHBORS, INC has residential locations in three counties, Cumberland, York, and Oxford. Each and every home provides a person with their own private bedroom. Residential locations are small with a maximum of four people living within a single home.

GOOD NEIGHBORS, INC is well known for it's ability to successfully support people with significat needs, both physical and behavioral. Having existed for almost thirty years, GOOD NEIGHBORS, INC is stable and respected within the business community. A strength of GNI is it's ability to practice "aging in place". People suppoted by Good Neighbors understand that the residential option they have chosen are truly their homes for as long as the wish.

GOOD NEIGHBORS, INC is well respected by DHHS as an agency that fulfills it's obligations to the state as well as the individual. We are fiscally responsible and socially astute. GNI's professional staff are constantly upgrading their training and utilize current philosophies. They have learned to access both local and regional services to the betterment of those we support.

All in all, Good Neighbors is an agency worth checking out.