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Provider Information - The Emma R Foundation, LLC

Date: 12/12/2007

Agency Name: The Emma R Foundation, LLC

Location: 577 Common Road, Dixfield, Maine 04224

Contact Person: Sandra Hebert

Telephone #: 207-319-6254

E-Mail Address:

Web Site Address: N/A

Description of Services:

Adult Services
We provide supports services in the home or community to Teens and Adults ages 18 –65. Our Direct Support Professionals will work with individuals on a variety of goals and objectives, which will be driven by the Person Centered Planning process. The activities will vary depending on the differences in interest and needs.

The Emma R. Foundation will achieve these goals by:

  • Social skills instruction, modeling and opportunity to practice
  • Effective and stable transitional services from high school to the workplace
  • A supportive environment, skill teaching of activities of daily living such as personal hygiene and dining skills, to allow growth to independence
  • Services will allow the consumer to grow and meet the need for independence
  • Opportunities for therapeutic recreation such as swimming, fishing, horse back riding and seasonal sports events
  • A positive impact in the community
  • Provide services that connect individuals with their community by identifying the cultivating relationships with natural supports

Individuals who chose to live with their families or are trying to live on their own may need support services. These services are available before, after work or school, and even on weekends.

How do you qualify for Services?
Mainecare Section 24 Free Standing Day habilatative Services

Contact us directly, either by phone, mail or email ( to let us know that you are interested in learning more about this service. The contact may come from the individual, guardian, caseworker, a family member, or even a friend. We will set up a meeting, which will take place at a comfortable and convenient location in order to gather information to identify the needs and desires. This will allow everyone an opportunity for an exchange of information. Once everyone involved, the TEAM, agrees, a Person Centered Plan Meeting would be called to design the Plan for goals and objectives, then services will be implemented.