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Provider Information - Downeast Horizons (DEH)

Date: 05/11/2012

Agency Name: Downeast Horizons


  • 77 Union Street, Ellsworth, ME
  • 304 Hancock Place, Bangor, ME
  • 1200 State Highway 3, Bar Harbor, ME
  • 43 School Street, Deer Isle, ME

Contact Person: Anthony Zambrano

Telephone #:  1-855-894-3599

E-Mail Address:

Web Site Address:

Description of Services:

Community Supports -Day Habilitation:

DEH administers four Community Support - Day Programs in Ellsworth, Bar Harbor, Bangor, and Deer Isle.  Programs take place both on-site and in the community.  Staffing levels per individual are based on each individual's needs.   Transportation to and from the Centers is provided by the local transportation networks. Downeast Horizons is more than willing to assist in acquiring transportation.

Downeast Horizons Programs are all very active in SUFU, and many community volunteer and activities, to include:  Special Olympics, Bowling, Dinners, Movies, Fun Parks, Summer Camps, Camping, Kayaking, Hiking in and around Acadia National Park and other state and municipal parks, and thanks to generous donors, 99% of all activities and fees are free to participants of Downeast Horizons.

Residential Services:

Residential Services range from twenty-four hour support to independent living support for people in their own residences. DEH provides comprehensive twenty-four hour a day supports to individuals who require assistance with most daily living skills. Houly Home Supports are also provided at an individual's request in their home.

Shared Living - is another residential option Downeast Horizons offers.  Shared Living is a residential alternative to living in a traditional supported living home.   Under this care model, the host provides a room, board, and general supervision as outlined in the person's Annual Plan.

Employment Services - Job Development and Work Supports:

Employment Services include both Job Development and Work Supports.  Each are designed to identify employment goals and desires and to match those attributes and interests to a job or career. Services include career exploration, job readiness training, job placement and job coaching supports as needed.