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Provider Information - Community Living Association

Date: 09/01/2010

Agency Name: Community Living Association      

Location: Houlton, Maine

Contact Person: Susan Failing, Director of Program Quality

Telephone #:  207 532-9446 x23
E-Mail Address:

Web Site Address:

Description of Services: CLA was founded by parents of people with developmental disabilities in 1967 and has grown since then to be the second largest employer in Houlton. Our purpose has not changed over the years. Here is our mission statement: The purpose of Community Living Association is to involve community and family in promoting the highest quality of life for people with developmental disabilities by assisting them to be independent, self-confident, and valued members of the community.

CLA is a private, not-for-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors who represent the community. We are prepared to provide any funded service needed by a person, parent, or guardian. The services we presently provide might be categorized as follows:

Residential: ICF/DD homes at both group and nursing level; assisted living homes, supported living in homes or apartments.

Day Service: an array of employment services including job development, job placement, job assessment, job coaching, work skills training, and volunteer site coaching; in home or home based service; and community-based or center-based service (or a combination of the two).

Specific support or Therapy services: CLA has contracts with all of the commonly used therapies, as well as not so obvious therapies and services. In general if someone needs a service we do not provide ourselves we will find a provider and connect the two. CLA has been certified by the State for case management services. CLA has an excellent Staff Training Department which trains not only internal staff but also teaches staff of similar organizations and the public.

Homes which require licensing are currently licensed and have been continuously licensed since they opened. We consistently receive high marks on our Annual Consumer Satisfaction Surveys, indicating a high level of satisfaction among people who use the services. Survey reports are available to interested persons. For the last 10 year the organizations objectives have focused on internal quality. CLA has achieved an excellent reputation among State workers, people served, and the local community.

The CLA website has more information at We can provide by request written materials such as brochures, annual reports, policies, and vision and values statements and so on.