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Provider Information - Citizens of Maine, LLC

Date: 04/28/2007

Agency Name: Citizens of Maine, LLC

Location: 10 Dudley Street Hampden, ME 04444

Contact Person: Julie Helwig

Telephone #: 207-217-4839


Web Site Address:

Description of Services: Citizens of Maine, LLC is committed to providing caring support for adults with developmental disabilities, enabling our clients to lead enriched lives in the home and community. We offer three types of residential services and a Community Support program (formerly known as Day Habilitation).

  • Community Support Program: This service provides a combination of community and center based activities that focus on teaching and maintaining skills essential for adults to actively access resources within their community. Activities include, but are not limited to banking, grocery shopping, social events, art and music events, fairs, church sponsored programs, Special Olympics, sporting events, dining out, memberships to the YMCA, hiking, and shopping. This program also offers opportunities for vocational skills development and readiness for individuals interested and able to obtain a job.
  • Shared Living: This is a residential option for adults who require continuous supervision and support for day to day tasks. The Shared Living provider can be a family, a couple, or an individual who welcomes an adult with a disability (client) into their/his/her home and that client becomes part of the “family”. The Shared Living provider is responsible for addressing all the support needs a client has.
  • Home Support in a Group Home or 24/7 Assisted Living: This is another residential option for adults in which two clients share a home/apartment and receive staff support 24 hours a day. This is a shift staffed program with a 2 ½ day rotating schedule. Clients receive necessary support for daily living and opportunities to access their community daily.
  • Home Support less than 24/7: In some cases, a client may require less than 24/7 supervision and the staff schedule would be created as necessary to meet the client's needs. Support services can be provided in the client's family home, his/her own apartment/house, or we can help the client find his/her own apartment.