Developmental Services - Case Management - Certified Provider

Community Case Management Provider Information - Pine Tree Management Services

Date:  07/20/2011

Agency Name:  Pine Tree Society

Location:  71 US Route 1,  Suite B., Scarborough, ME. 04074

Contact Person:  Joe Pannozzo

Telephone #:  (207)386-5952

E-Mail Address:

Web Site Address:

Service Area:  Region 1, Region 2L, Region 2A

Description of Services:
Pine Tree Society provides behavioral, social, emotional and community outreach for individuals diagnosed with a cognitive disability and or autism spectrum disorder.  Our trained case management staff assists children and adults in proactively planning for day to day support and needs through 1:1 engagement.  Pine Tree Society's case managers will assist the participant in services with becoming involved with natural supports, vocational, community and residential services and other recreational activities.  Within our children's services department, our case managers will assist during the IEP process and development, transition services and how to attain Maine Care.  Pine Tree Society's vision is participant focused, as we ask the participant and parents receiving services to advocate their needs and let our case managers help you find the solutions that you require.