Developmental Services - Case Management - Certified Provider

Community Case Management Provider Information - Mobius, Inc

Date: 8/03/2011

Agency Name: Mobius Inc.

Location: Damariscotta, Maine

Mailing Address: 319 Maine Street, Damariscotta, Maine 04543

Contact Person: Michaela York or Kathy Cooper

Telephone #:  207-563-3511 ext. 317 or 301 -   TOLL FREE – 1-888-806-5567

E-Mail Address:

Web Site Address:

Service Area: Lincoln, Knox, Sagadahoc, Cumberland, Kennebec, Androscoggin

Description of Services:
Mobius has been certified as an approved provider of case management services for adults with developmental disabilities since 2003. Mobius' ACCM services benefit from a well-established plan development approach that has been recognized for realizing individual growth and participation in local communities.

Casemanagement services  include but are not limited to:  Person Centered Planning preparation and facilitation (if needed), referral to and monitoring of services such as section 21 &29, ADW, Mental Health, Medical Appointments, etc.  Assistance with Mainecare issues, housing, and foodstamps also provided.