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Community Case Management Provider Information - Hope Association

Date: 2/06/2012          

Agency Name: Hope Association

Location: 85 Lincoln Avenue, Rumford Maine 04276

Contact Person: Catherine Johnson, Executive Director

Telephone #:  207-364-4561
E-Mail Address:

Web Site Address:

Service Area: Serving individiduals residing in Androscoggin, Franklin, and Oxford

Description of Services:

Hope Association established in 1956 mission is: As Partners in our community, we will provide quality services to individuals and families through programs that enhance independence, dignity, choice and individual well being.

Hope Associations case managers assists individuals with intellectural disabilities and their team with obtaining, maintaining and monitoring services and plans for the future. The case manager will assist in the development of the individual’s Person Centered Plan (PCP) and attend all meetings that pertain to the development and monitoring of their plan. The case manager will review the goals of the PCP with the individual and/or their team as needed to ensure that their goals are being addressed and met.

Staff Qualifications:
All Community Case managers have met state educational requirements as well as received additional training in: 1st Aid, CPR, Crisis Prevention Intervention, Direct Support Professional certification, Obtaining Community Resources, Seizures, Driver Safety, HIPPA, and Rights of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities