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Community Case Management Provider Information - Elmhurst, Inc

Date: 10/9/2003

Agency Name: Elmhurst, Inc.

Location: 400 Centre Street, Bath, Maine 04530

Contact Person: Darlene MacKinnon

Telephone #: 443-9783


Web Site Address: N/A

Description of Services:
We provide supports and services to children and adults with developmental disabilities, autism and mental illness. Our services are individualized to meet the unique needs of the people we serve. Our community based services include:

  1. Day Habilitation Services which provide educational and enjoyable activities in local communities. Transportation is provided door to door. Staff work with one or two individuals and coordinate classes, volunteer opportunities,trips and a variety of activities throughout the Mid Coast area.
  2. Behavioral Health Services: Our in-home supports program is designed to assist families who need professional help with their special needs children. Elmhurst staff, working with one child at a time, teach parents new skills and strategies to help them cope better with their child's disabilities. Staff develop a treatment plan in conjunction with the child's team and work on individual goals to help improve the child's skills and abilities.
  3. Supported Employment Program: Elmhurst, Inc offers a variety of employment, training and educational services to meet the needs of people with developmental, psychiatric, cognitive, and physical disabilities. Trained staff work with individuals, families, local businesses and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to develop job opportunities in the local area. Job coaches work to ensure that the individual has the support they need at the job site to be a success.
  4. Residential Services: We have a variety of options available ranging from 24 hour per day supervised living to people living in their own apartment with staff assistance as needed. Support services include training in all areas of daily living, coordination of medical/dental services, budgeting, crisis intervention, advocacy , transportation, etc.
  5. Personal Support: individualized support is delivered in the person's home and includes daily living skills, exercise, community integration, recreation and social activities. This program allows people to remain in their family home while receiving one on one support.
  6. Case Management Services: This service helps coordinate services to adults and links them to activities in their local communities. Case managers work closely with individuals, their families, and other service providers to develop a plan to coordinate services and to meet the needs of the individual.