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Community Case Management Provider Information - Charlotte White Center

Date: 03/7/2014            

Agency Name: Charlotte White Center      

Location: Bangor Office:  38 Penn Plaza, Stillwater Prof. Park, Bangor, Maine 04401

Contact Person: Jane Sawyer

Telephone #: 207-947-1410 Ext 137

E-Mail Address:  

Web Site Address: Charlotte White Center

Service Area: CWC Adult Community Case Management services cover the following areas:  Hancock County; Penobscot County; Piscataquis County; Washington County – as far east as Jonesport-Beals. Note: as of April 16, 2012, we are maintaining current cases in the following areas but are Not Accepting any new cases in these areas: Somerset County west to the Skowhegan-Madison-Bingham area; and towns above a line from Skowhegan to Belfast ( inc. portions of Kennebec and Waldo Counties).

Description of Services:   The Charlotte White Center (CWC) is a nonprofit agency providing a variety of services that contribute to the community's prosperity and quality of life.  A key service provided by the Charlotte White Center (CWC) is COMMUNITY CASE MANAGEMENT services to adults with intellectual disabilities, autism, or pervasive developmental disorder who are 18 years old or older, have been found eligible for services with OADS/Developmental Services (DS), and who have or are eligible to receive MaineCare. Our highly qualified staff members create a planning partnership with the individual, their family, their guardian, and other team members to identify and prioritize areas of concern.  The team works to maximize an individual's potential by determining the person's strengths and areas that create challenges.  This becomes the basis for the person's Annual Plan.  Case managers then monitor the individual's plan to keep it flexible and adjustable, insuring the plan remains relevant to the individual's specific needs and document progress or changes as they develop.  The Charlotte White Center is also able to provide REPRESENTATIVE PAYEE services when coupled with other case management needs to those individuals who receive our adult DS community case management services.  We encourage referrals from individuals, family members, the medical community, case managers, DHHS, area hospitals or other service providers.