Developmental Services - Case Management

Certification Process - Process

A.  Terms of Certification

  1. Prohibition.  No case management services for adults with intellectual disabilities and autism, as described in these rules, may be provided without certification.
  2. Certification.  Certification shall be granted to agencies that meet the terms and conditions described herein.
  3. Prohibition.  Agencies certified under these rules to provide case management services may not provide other services to the same group of clients.

B. Application for Certification

  1. Application Form.  Applications shall be made on a form provided by the Department .
    1. The application for a certification shall be accompanied by documents demonstrating compliance with the following portions of these rules:
      1. IV. Agency Organization
      2. V.  Personnel Management
      3. VI.  Operational Policies and Procedures
      4. VII.  Environment and Safety
  2. Site Visits.  A site visit of the agency’s office location shall be may be conducted by representatives of the Department before certification is granted. 
  3. Disclosures.  Agencies must disclose other operations or services provided, including those operating in other states or nations.  Agencies must disclose any enforcement orders, violations or sanctions they may be under in any operation.

C. Transfer of Certification. 

Certification shall not be transferable from one agency or provider to another.

D. Sanctions and Corrective Actions. 

Whenever the Department finds that case management services are being provided in a manner not in compliance with applicable rules, or that an agency is operating in a manner not in compliance with these rules, the Department may take actions that include, but are not limited to, notifying  the Bureau of Medical Services, Department of Human Services, to request suspension of MaineCare payments until the problem is resolved.