Developmental Services - Case Management Manual

Service Agreement

The service agreement between the Department of Health and Human Services  ("Department") and the named Service Provider/Agency ("Agency") is meant to serve both as the contractual prerequisite for securing funding from the Department and as a statement for the Agency's commitment to improving the quality of life for persons with mental retardation. Current copies of the Service Agreements can be found in the Additional Materials Section I of this document. Agreements can also be found in your district office. 


MEDICAID Agreement for Agencies

1.  General Payment/Rate Agreement
2.  Benefits and Deductions
3.  Independent Capacity
4.  Administrator
5.  Equal Employment Opportunity
6.  State Employees Not To Benefit
7.  Compliance With Applicable Law and Regulation
8.  Records
9.  Termination
10. Medicaid Provider Agreement
11. Services and Supports For The Consumer
12. Right of Entry
13. Client Outcome Indicator
14. Insurance
15. Audit
16. Assignment of transfer
17. Background Checks
18. Approval
19. Modification
20. Non-Appropriation

The MEDICAID Serice Agreement for Smaller Homes

 1.  Payment Agreement
 2.  Independent Capacity
 3.  Administrator
 4.  Compliance With Applicable Law 
     and Regulation
 5.  Records
 6.  Termination
 7.  Service and Supports For The Consumer
 8.  Client Outcome Indicator
 9.  Right of Entry
10. Insurance
11. Modification
12. Entire Agreement