Developmental Services - Case Management Manual

Residential Move Planning    

I. Introduction

Case Managers are frequently responsible for the coordination of residential movement. The consumer may directly request assistance or the move may be indicated through the consumer's planning process. Any residential change requires sensitivity to the consumer's understanding of what has been decided and how the move will occur. This would include planning for the preparation of the consumer, transition, and follow up contact after the move is accomplished.

Each move is unique and requires individualized coordination and monitoring. The following sections in the manual provide some assistance by way of a checklist, residential movement form, and guidelines for emergency residential movement. The Case Manager, in consultation with the consumer, support team, and supervisor; will develop a movement plan in the consumer's

Best interests. It is not mandatory to use all or any of the specific checklists and forms provided.

II. Residential Movement Sheets

Each time a consumer is moved, the Residential Movement Sheet may be completed and/or updated and should accompany the consumer to the new residence. The purpose of this form is to assure that the new residence has up-to-date and accurate information regarding the day-to-day needs of the consumer, i.e., medication, ADL needs, and behavioral considerations.

III. Procedure

  1. Prior to the consumer's move, the CM, completes the Residential Movement Sheet.
  2. Please note on page 1, the section covering behavior problems (briefly describe). If remarks are made in this column, specific details should be given to the provider and/or page 5 Section VIII completed. If the consumer does not have behavioral difficulties, page 5 may be left blank.
  3. One copy should accompany the consumer when placed in the new residence.
  4. One copy should be maintained in the consumer's case record.