Developmental Services - Case Management Manual

Reportable Event Protocol for Developmental Services Office Coverage

The purpose of this procedure is to assure that there is a consistent process for reporting an event to a district office per the reportable events policy. The district offices are Portland, Lewiston, Augusta, Thomaston, Bangor, and Caribou.


  1. Each district office will have an office coverage process in place that allows for I.S.C. level of staff or above to be available to take a reportable event phone call
  2. When a reportable event that must be called in IMMEDIATELY is called into the district office (see reportable events form and policy) the phone call will be forwarded live to the office coverage person. A call back to the person is not acceptable.
  3. When a report is called in by a non- provider (i.e. family, friend, community member) all portions of the reportable events form should be filled out by the office coverage person.
  4. When a reportable event is called into the district office by a provider agency with information about an event that must be reported IMMEDIATELY the office coverage person should fill out the Reportable Events-Developmental Services Office form. This is the reportable events form with areas highlighted that needs to be filled in for the initial call. Any further information that is gathered should be entered as well. Providers should be informed that they need to submit the reportable events form by fax or mail within 2 business days of the event.
  5. The office coverage person will immediately give this form to the Incident Data Specialist. It is the responsibility of the office coverage person to assure that the IDS (or the person covering) is aware of the incident as soon as possible. This cannot be done by voice mail or e-mail. Incidents that are immediate in nature are being reported through the IDS and it is their responsibility to assure that people who need the information get it as soon as possible.
  6. The IDS will follow the reportable events policy for logging the report and informing the appropriate offices or people.

The office coverage person should not accept calls for reportable events not required to be reported Immediately (i.e. restraint, med. errors, licensing). Agency staff should be informed that they need to fill out the Reportable Events form and fax or mail it within one business day of the event.  Office coverage staff should make sure that the event is NOT an event which is required to be reported immediately, for example a med error which ordinarily does not require immediate reporting, which results in a severe adverse reaction, should be reported immediately.