Developmental Services - Case Management Manual

Referrals to Psychologist; Common Referral Questions/Reasons for Referral

Common Referral Questions/Reasons for Referral

1. Routine Psychological (Evaluation/Review)

(All referrals for therapeutic services must have a written physician's order to claim insurance)

Ask the psychologist to provide you with information relevant to areas which will be addressed in the Person Centered Plan or next case review. Specific areas in which one might request information are: consumer strengths, needs, long-term goals, priority short-term goals, types of placements which would meet needs, additional services may need, etc. Also, ask psychologist to address specific area you know will be discussed at the Person Centered Plan or case review (i.e., guardianship, behavior problems). If the psychologist has been seeing the consumer in therapy, but is unable to attend the Person Centered Plan, she/he may want to send information relevant to the Person Centered Plan.

2. Evaluation for Eligibility for Developmental Services

Send psychologist a copy of Developmental Services eligibility guidelines so that she/he knows that both a low IQ (70) and problems in adaptive functioning are required for Developmental Services eligibility.

3. Guardianship

Ask the psychologist to assess the need for guardianship and/or conservatorship.

4. Psychological Evaluation to apply for and/or determine eligibility for another government agency (i.e., Vocational Rehabilitation, SSI).

Each agency has its own criteria, but it will help to get relevant information if you:

  1. tell the psychologist to which agencies the consumer is applying,
  2. ask psychologist to include a diagnosis in their report,
  3. asks psychologist questions relevant to the specific agency.

Vocational Rehabilitation requires the consumer to be handicapped, but to have vocational potential. Ask the psychologist to specify the person's handicapping conditions, including offering a diagnosis. Also, ask the psychologist to discuss the consumer's vocational potential and to make recommendations for how to develop this potential (i.e., recommended services).

5. Referral for evaluation of emotional/behavioral problems

There are a variety of reasons you might refer for evaluation in this area. Please specify your reason(s) for referral and the types of assistance you want/questions you want addressed. Examples of possible needs in this are as follows:

  1. Request for recommendations for behavior modification program. Be sure to specify types of consumer behaviors which are problematic and describe any interventions which have been tried so far.
  2. Evaluation for consumer suitability for psychotherapy. Tell psychologist if you want them to consider doing psychotherapy with this consumer themselves, or they may not realize this is a possibility. Also, ask for recommendations for how home and program can help with adjustment problems.