Developmental Services - Case Management Manual

Personal and Social Relationships

Personal and Social Relations is a group of services designed to connect the participant to sources of personal support in the community.  When necessary and indicated*Services and supports may include:

  • Assist in, coordinate or arrange the provision of instruction, guidance, modeling and mentoring
  •  Assist in the coordination, or facilitate referrals for adult education, memberships in community groups, agencies or organizations and or volunteering with community projects
  •  Assist in the coordination or provision of physical and or other support that may be necessary to participant in community events
  •  Assist in the coordination and arranging of one to one relationship building, with a decided preference for natural supports from family, friends, neighbors and allies,
  • Assist in the coordination and arranging of modeling, mentoring and support from people associated with other generic community and civic organizations
  • Assist, coordinate, facilitate, desired outcomes such as connections to sources of support through families, friends, allies or people associated with community or civic organization