Developmental Services - Case Management Manual

Personal Planning Policy

  1. Case Managers will plan with individuals for the coordination and delivery of supportive and other services through the development of a personal plan. The type of plan, participants and agenda at the planning meeting will be selected by the individual and /or their guardian.
  2. The personal planning process will be:
    1. Understandable and in plain language or if the individual is deaf, non verbal, signing, or speaks another language; the process will include qualified interpreters.
    2. Focused on the person's choice
    3. reflective of and supportive of the person's goals and aspirations
    4. Developed at the direction of the consumer and include people the consumer chooses
    5. Flexible enough to change as new opportunities arise
    6. Reviewed according to a specified schedule and by a person designated for monitoring
    7. Inclusive of the needs and desires of the person without respect to whether those desires are reasonably achievable or the needs are presently capable of being addressed
    8. Inclusive of a provision for assuring each person's satisfaction with the quality of the plan  and the supports he/she receives
  1. The plan will focus on the supports identified by the individual.
  2. The plan will be received by the CM within thirty (30) days of the meeting date and needed follow-up will be implemented as outlined in the personal planning protocol
  3. The plan may be facilitated by the consumer, a case manager, other agencies providing major services to the individual, family members or other persons chosen by the consumer.
  4. The planning team will always develop a service plan or actions plan which outlines the agreements reached by the team. If a need listed on the service plan or action plan is not achieved by the end of the first quarter (90 days) it will be listed as an unmet need on the EIS