Developmental Services - Case Management Manual

Personal Planning Protocol    

The following protocol will be applied as practice in each District Office. It is expected that the Program Administrators will insure that this protocol is followed and that each CM is trained in the process. This protocol will be included in orientation for all new staff in the District Office.

  1. The District Office will maintain an annual schedule of all planning dates. This schedule will be reviewed quarterly to insure that the planning dates are equally distributed throughout the year.
  2. Each District Office will maintain a centralized tracking form (see attached sample) that includes: consumer name, CM, date of last PCP, date of current PCP, date CM received the PCP, QA review date, date plan submitted to C.O., Facilitator's name and status of report (i.e. rejected, accepted etc.). All follow up activities will be tracked with dates and actions taken.
  3. The CM will receive the plan within 30 days of the meeting date. The CM is responsible for tracking the 30 day period. When received, CM will complete an initial review of the plan for accuracy and review appropriate data on the MIS. The CM will attach the QA sheet and MIS and submit the plan for review.
  4. Each District Office will develop a notification system to be implemented when a plan is overdue.
  5. The PCP review team will review the plan within 14 days of the receipt by the CM.
  6. The review team will submit PCP for signature to the Developmental Services Program Administrator the same day they are reviewed and are accepted.
  7. The PCPs will be signed by the Developmental Services Program Administrator within 10 days of receipt. The original is to be returned to the community agency or home. The distribution will be completed within 7 days of receipt.
  8. PCPs that need revision or an addendum in order to be approved are to be returned by the review team to the CM on the same day they are reviewed. PCPs needing revision or an addendum will be returned to the review team within 14 days. (Minor revisions can be done by the CM via phone call with appropriate team members.) The plan facilitator will be responsible for more substantial revisions and agency and DHHS personnel shall maintain the time frames established in the personal planning protocol. The CM is responsible for tracking the 14 day period.
  9. The Program Administrators and District Supervisors are responsible for the tracking form. A plan for training and follow up of plans that indicate repeated rejections will be developed with agencies and/or CMs. Compliance with time frames set out by this protocol will be incorporated into annual performance evaluations of CMs, District Supervisors, and Program Administrators. Service Agreement and Contracts with agencies will include PCP protocols as a Performance Indicator.
  10. The CM will insure that private/sensitive issues that need to be discussed outside of the planning meeting are addressed. Information on these issues will be reflected in the MIS when appropriate.
  11. All newly hired CMs will be provided introductory training on the PCP process within 30 days and comprehensive training within 90 days of hire.