Developmental Services - Case Management Manual

Legal Considerations

A number of protections have been afforded people eligible for Developmental Services through the laws of the State of Maine. This section of the Manual describes DHHS practices in carrying out its legal mandates.

The Laws that you, as a case manager, should be familiar with are:

34 B MRS. subsection 5431 et. seq. Community-Based Services for Mentally Retarded Persons.
34 B MRS. subsection 5601 et. seq. Rights of Mentally Retarded Persons. 
34 B MRSA subsection 5461 et. seq. Process for Provision of Developmental Services
34 B MRSA subsection 5002 et. seq.  Declaration of State Policy
22 MRSA subsection 3470  The Protection of Incapacitated and Dependent Adults 
34 B MRSA subsection 5474-7  Involuntary Admission
34 B MRSA subsection 7001  Sterilization
34 B MRSA subsection 5477  Emergency Procedures for Admission
34 B MRSA subsection 5475  Judicial certification
34 B MRSA sub section 1218  Accessibility to Developmental Services  for Persons who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
34 MRSA subsection 1207  Law on Disclosure of Client Information
18 A MRSA subsection 5-601  Guardianship


All of these laws are available at each Department Regional Office or can be accessed through the State of Maine Home Page.