Developmental Services - Case Management Manual

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness involves activities designed to promote, support and maintain the participant’s overall health.  When necessary and indicated*, activities may include:

  • Coordination and arrangement of medical and dental appointments and treatments
  • Coordination and arrangement of mental health treatment and services
  • Coordination and arrangement for nutritional/fitness support
  • Coordination and arrangement for any therapies needed (i.e.PT, OT, speech, etc)
  • Assistance in acquiring and usage of any needed medical equipment
  • Assistance with the management of chronic illnesses and condition
  • Assistance with grief counseling as needed

Necessary and indicated refers to activities identified and documented as such in the person-centered planning process, and with which the participant will require assistance in order to achieve. Ex. A person with diabetes who is not able to independently coordinate and arrange for needed medical care, and requires additional supports to maintain health.