Developmental Services - Case Management Manual

Grievance and Appeal

It is the policy of DHHS to ensure that needed services are provided to persons with intellectual disabilities in accordance with the laws of Maine, to the extent resources permit. Further it is the policy of DHHS to provide for review of a decision in which a person is denied a service.

All persons and/or their representative who are eligible for services shall have the right to appeal any action or inaction of DHHS related to or involving rights afforded by state or federal law, Departmental rules, regulations or policies. Consumers of services shall be notified annually that they have the right to appeal any action or inaction. 

The Developmental Services GRIEVANCE AND APPEAL PROCESS is an established policy and can be obtained from any of the District Offices in policy or brochure. The brochure was produced for consumers and families and states clearly in plain language how to process an appeal.