Developmental Services - Case Management Manual

Funding Requests on Open Accounts   

Funding requests for funds from open accounts may originate from the consumer or from some other member of the consumer's planning team; further, such requests may be directed at a broad spectrum of services and purchases. In all cases, however, they must meet these criteria.

First, they must be directed at an overall goal of increased independence, capacity building, or a therapeutic goal. These goals must be identified in the Person Centered Plan, or in some other supporting document. 

Second, they must either be directed at a health or safety concern, clearly identified; or, in the case of recreational and social goals, they must be integrated into the plan in some fashion. For example, a consumer may request funding supports for a person to go on an excursion or a vacation. However, approval of funds for such purposes will be predicated upon the consumer's involvement in saving for or otherwise contributing to the achievement of the goal-in other words, approval is based upon the activity having some habilitative or learning value.

Third, supervisors must in all cases review and approve requests. Supervisors will prioritize requests, depending upon the funds remaining available in the accounts.