Developmental Services - Case Management Manual

Residential Placement of an Emergency Nature    

There may be times when due to crisis circumstances that an emergency placement may be necessary. If this is due to behavioral health issues, generally the Crisis team in the region may be involved and assume the lead role in effecting emergency placement if the situation can not otherwise be stabilized. The protocols developed to guide the Crisis system will be utilized.

  1. To communicate all pertinent medical behavioral information to the person(s) receiving the individual. All reasonable attempts should be made to deliver this information in writing so as to ensure clear directions for the receiving staff.
  2. Specific and concrete plans to follow-up with the individual, the guardian or family and the receiving staff in order to:
    1. Determine how the individual is adjusting
    2. Delivers any necessary additional information
    3. To develop and/or communicate plans for the future

The Case Manager (CM) will follow-up within 24 hours to ascertain the following:

  1. How well the individual has adjusted
  2. That the medical or behavioral information has been understood and followed
  3. That there is clarity about the length of the emergency placement
  4. That the individual's possessions and money are available to him or her
  5. That the staff is aware of who to call and under what circumstances to call should any difficulties arise
  6. That any necessary regulations involving placement are followed
  7. Ability of staff to communicate with the individual in his/her preferred communication mode.