Developmental Services - Case Management Manual

Consumers with Dependent Children

There are cases when a consumer served by Adult Developmental Services has one or more children. In some of these cases, other Offices within DHHS may be involved, even to the extent of pursuing protective custody of a child. The Adult Developmental Services Case Manager's responsibility in such cases is primarily to the adult (i.e.), the parent. In adversarial cases, it is expected that DHS Child Protective Services will advocate for the child, and Developmental Services for the parent. The Developmental Services Case Manager shall not, either by commission or omission, contribute to the potential endangerment of the child. Indeed, the Case Manager has the same legal obligation as any other professional to report instances of suspected abuse or neglect. However, once any proceeding is underway, the Case Manager's obligation is to assist the consumer in getting legal counsel and therapy, when indicated. Further, the Case Manager is obligated to ascertain and acknowledge the consumer's wishes, and to assist the consumer in exploring any course of action that realistically offers a chance of actuating those wishes. The Case Manager is expected to advise her supervisor of all such situations, and in turn, either the supervisor or the Case Manager is expected to notify the Disability Rights Center.