Developmental Services - Case Management Manual

Computer Proficiency (DHHS Employees)

It is the Department's expectation that all Case Managers will achieve and demonstrate basic proficiency in the following skill areas:

  1. Utilization of E-mail, including the ability to open messages, send messages to individuals or groups, locate addressees in a directory, open attachments, send attachments, and send replies to both individuals and groups.
  2. Utilization of the EIS systems. Ability to access information, make changes on individual records, and generate reports.
  3. Utilization of scheduling programs, particularly to schedule conference rooms or meetings.
  4. Proficiency in using word processing programs, including the ability to move around within a document, make changes to an existing document, and generate or save a new document

The Department will periodically assess the skill level of Case Managers, and will provide ongoing training. This training is mandatory for all Case Managers until they can demonstrate proficiency in the four areas listed above.