Developmental Services - Case Management Manual

Community Membership

Community Membership is a group of services designed to assist the participant in understanding and accessing the neighborhood and community in which one lives.  In essence, the purpose of Community Membership services is to locate, and connect the participant, to sources of personal support in their community that enhance the participant's vision for a desired life.  Services may include:

  • Assist, coordinate or introduce the participant to community groups, agencies and organizations that reflect the participant's personal interest and vision for a desired life (churches, Weight Watchers, hiking clubs as examples)
  • Assist, coordinate or arrange opportunities for the participant to volunteer in activities that reflect the participant's personal interest
  • Assist, coordinate or provide information and training on local resources and how to use those resources
  • Assist, coordinate or locate support groups that may reflect the participant’s interest
  • Assist, coordinate or arrange for cooperatives or similar self-help activities