Developmental Services - Case Management Manual

Communication Therapy Referrals   

Speech, language and communication specialists work with individuals encountering difficulty in verbal communication. This discipline works to verify possible language disorders, to describe language abilities and disabilities, to identify factors, which may effect remediation, and to plan remediation programs.

In the case of deaf, hard-of-hearing or hearing nonverbal individuals who use any signs or gestures referred for a communication evaluation, ask specifically for the specialist's knowledge of sign and gestural systems and ability to evaluate.

For further assistance in obtaining a sign language evaluation, ask the Departments Office of Deaf Services or the designated signing caseworker in the district office.
Refer when:

  1. There is an apparent discrepancy between what the consumer has to say and his/her ability to say it.
  2. Consumer has no functional communication system.
  3. There is a question concerning need for an alternate/supplemental communication system (e.g., signing or communication board).
  4. Speech is generally unintelligible.
  5. There is a noticeable loss of communication skills.
  6. Consumer's "use" of language is not appropriate or functional for communication.
  7. You suspect a hearing loss.