Developmental Services - Case Management Manual

Case Management Transfer Policy

Purpose - The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines in the transfer of case management services when due to consumer choice of another provider, a conflict of interest necessitating a change in provider, or the need for state case management.


  1.  If a consumer/guardian chooses to change case management services the providing agency will assist the consumer/guardian in identifying other potential providers and share pertinent information with releases. The transfer of case management responsibilities will be under the direction of the consumer/guardian. It is suggested that a transfer meeting occur with the person and the agencies involved. A transfer date will be identified. Case Management billing can only occur once within a week, and cannot be billed by two agencies providing adult case management services within the same week. It is the responsibility of the sending and receiving Supervisors to assure a smooth transfer of information both electronic and paper files. In the case of transfer of a Community Case Management case to another region for like service it is the responsibility of the sending Community Case Management Agency to inform a District Supervisor in their region that a consumer is transferring to another region. The District Supervisor will then have the district file (typically the intake information) transferred to the region in which the person is now residing.

     2.      If a consumer chooses another contracted service from the agency providing case management services (i.e. community supports) they must transfer to another agency for their case management services. This transfer will need to take place as soon as possible, but no later than 90 days from the start date of the other contracted service being provided. Within that time period, the agency will be able to bill for the case management service.

    3.      People receiving case management under Children's Services can transition to adult services between the ages of 18-21. The person must be found eligible for Adult Developmental Services and can do so starting at age 18. When the person/guardian decides to transition to adult service case management the Children's Services case manager can assist the person in remaining with that agency if it provides adult services or seek an alternative. The person/guardian can also contact Developmental Services for assistance in linking to a provider. A transition meeting will need to occur with the person and the case management agencies.