Developmental Services - Case Management Manual

Case Management Billing

Case management billing is the mechanism by which the State's General Fund or the case management agency is reimbursed for the case management services provided. These services are documented as a Developmental Services General Note in the Enterprise Information System (EIS).  There may be as many billable notes entered as there are billable contacts with or on behalf of the consumer. 

For community case management billing processes set by the case management agency should be followed.

For state case management it is the CM's responsibility to document billing contact notes for all consumers on the CM's caseload .The note must have the "Billable Note Box" checked "Yes" for the note(s) to be reported in the monthly billing statement.  Also the "Contact Type" drop down box must have the correct or most correct type of contact selected.  Multiple billable notes are acceptable and encouraged, however each note needs to meet the billable standard if check yes as only one note will be used for billing. 

A contact is any exchange of information, in regard to a consumer. Contact may be anything from phone calls to/from providers to home or program visits. Representative payee responsibilities are not a billable service. Documentation of activity must be evident in the consumers' EIS records in order to be considered a contact.  Also the Developmental Services General Note must meet the MaineCare quality standards for an acceptable note.