Developmental Services - Case Management Manual

Checklist for Moving a Consumer

  Action Needed Date Completed
1. Document plan recommendations or consumer request ____________
2. If moving to another region, refer to Procedure for Inter-Regional placement. ____________
3. Involve the correspondent/family and advocate in the decision-making process 
through the planning process. In emergencies, assure that notification occurs.
4. Coordinate support services as recommended by the plan. ____________
5. Follow ICF/MR or Waiver application process if needed ____________
6. Complete PASRR screening requirements if needed. ____________
7. Send Special Education notification to the Special Education Director of the 
receiving district when the consumer is placed out of the natural home.
8. Arrange Pre-placement visit. ____________
9. Arrange transportation and cancel current transportation. ____________
10. Notify all agencies providing support services. ____________
11. On or prior to moving day, have "placement packet" ready for the new home and/or program. This should include the Plan, Medical information, Psycho-social, and Psychological. Some regions include the Residential Movement form. ____________
12. Update the EIS. ____________
13. Update the waiver checklist, if needed. ____________
14. Notify Social Security and/or regional Account Associate, if DHHS is the representative payee. Assist as appropriate with this notification, if there is another payee. ____________
15. Notify DHS of address change for Food Stamps and Medicaid. ____________
16. Notify Post Office of change of address if appropriate.  ____________
17. Notify Family/Correspondent of change of address after move. ____________
18. Update photo ID information if applicable. ____________
19. Arrange for utility disconnection and hook-up if applicable. ____________
20. If the consumer has a private bank account, arrange for a transfer. ____________
21. Assure the consumer has a means for obtaining personal spending money. ____________
22. Review the need for notification of the crisis team. ____________
23. Schedule a post placement meeting, if appropriate. ____________