Developmental Services - Adult Protection Services


The Adult Protective Unit of the Department of Health and Human Services has the responsibility to investigate allegations of abuse, neglect and exploitation of persons with intellectual disabilities. Policies regarding Reportable Events and Adult Protection as well as procedures regarding Reportable Events are available below. These policies and procedures became effective on September 15th, 2003. Seven APS Investigators are available statewide.

Reportable Events need to be filed electronically or put in writing on the Reportable Events form and faxed to an Adult Developmental Services District Office. A single form for all reportable events has been devised and can be accessed above. Matters requiring immediate attention or having any degree of urgency need to be reported immediately by phoning the ADS District Office in your area and asking for the Office Duty worker. These telephone contacts must be followed up with a completed Reportable Events form.

APS Investigations are conducted by APS Regional Investigators and Approved Agency Investigators. Agency Investigators must be nominated by the Executive Director, must undergo a criminal record check, and must be cleared by Child Protective Services.

Reportable Events (PDF*)