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14-197 C.M.R. Ch. 5, Regulations Governing Emergency Interventions and Behavioral Treatment for People with Intellectual Disabilities and/or Autism PDF     
Concise Summary: This proposed rulemaking follows emergency rulemaking to allow approval of behavior modification and behavior management plans and safety devices by majority vote of the three-person review team created by Maine law. Action by majority vote will allow the review team to fulfill its statutory function to review and approve the use of severally intrusive behavior modification, behavior management, or safely device plans when less intrusive plans, or positive interventions or supports have failed to protect the health, safety and welfare of an adult with an intellectual disability and/or autism. The Department also proposes to change language and names when usage has changed or has been deemed inappropriate by the Maine Legislature.
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OES Policy Manual, Section 63 (In- home and Community Support Services); and Section 69 (OES Independent Support Services) Word  PDF   
Concise Summary: These rules will make permanent the changes to Sections 63 and 69 that were adopted on an emergency basis, effective July 1, 2009. These rules are necessary to prevent a loss of services for consumers who were affected by the July 1, 2009 repeal of Section 6 of the MaineCare Benefits Manual (Assisted Living Services). Specifically, the rulemaking: • Adds definitions for Licensed Assisted Living Agency and Medication Administration, and amends other definitions to reflect the role of the Licensed Assisted Living Agency. • Changes eligibility to allow Section 63 services to be provided in a facility that meets the definition of a Licensed Assisted Living Agency; adds a new level of eligibility (Level V) that does not require care management; and establishes caps and limits for Level V services. • Authorizes the Licensed Assisted Living Agency to make final co-pay determinations for Level V consumers under Section 63 and for consumers under Section 69. • Includes “Certified Residential Medication Aide” within the “Professionals and Other Qualified Staff” category for Section 63. • Extends the reassessment timeframe under Section 63 from six months to twelve months for all consumers. • Expands eligibility for Section 69 services to include those provided in a facility defined as a Licensed Assisted Living Agency. • Enables consumers to be served by a Licensed Assisted Living Agency in place of the ISS Agency and authorizes reassessments for those consumers by the Authorized Assessment Agency.
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