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Section 68: Respite Care Services for Adults with Alzheimer’s Disease or Related Disorders Word  PDF 
Concise Summary: These routine technical rule amendments are adopted to address transition issues for consumers moving between State-funded or MaineCare long term care programs and to change program names to better reflect the services provided. Section 68 adds definitions, clarifies certain program requirements, such as those related to eligibility and termination of services, including the removal of suspension as a reason for termination. Section 69 reduces the maximum cap from ten hours monthly to eight hours monthly of service for one consumer and provides a limitation on services that may be provided for two individuals living in the same household; clarifies issues related to eligibility, the waiting list and compliance requirements for consumers on the self-directed option; specifies eligibility for certain adults at risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation and limits those services to 15% of Section 69 funds; and identifies the responsibilities of the Independent Support Services Agency, including the authority to conduct reassessments for Section 69 services.
Effective Date: 2009-02-01
  Posted: January 27, 2009