Home Energy Assistance

People age 60 and over with low income are eligible to receive some assistance in paying for their heating bills through the Federal Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). For information contact your local Community Action Program.

Home Equity Conversion (Reverse Mortgage)

Home Equity Conversion is a way of maintaining residency in your own home while gaining needed income to cover such costs as heat, home maintenance, property taxes and other personal needs. For information about available counseling call or write your local Area Agency on Aging.

Home Repair

  • Minor home repairs to things like doors, steps and windows are available through some Area Agencies on Aging and Community Action Programs You are usually responsible for costs of supplies.
  • For major home repairs to correct health and safety hazards in the home, low interest (1%) loans and grants are available through Rural Development in the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Check in your local telephone book under United States Government.
  • Low interest home improvement loans are also periodically available through the Fix ME Program at the:
    Maine State Housing Authority
    353 Water Street
    Augusta, Maine 04330-4633
    Phone: 207-626-4600
    Toll Free: 1-800-452-4668
    Toll Free TTY: 1-800-452-4603

Housing Search  - Free Rental Listing
Continuously updated available 24-7
Website:   mainehousingsearch.org
For more information call Maine Housing

Market Rate Rental Housing

The Office of Elder Services has available a publication for retirement communities for older people. They offer a variety of accommodations and services. For a copy call or write:

Office of Elder Services
#11 State House Station
Augusta, Maine04333-0011
Phone: 207-287-9200
Toll Free Nationwide: 1-800-262-2232
Toll Free TTY: Maine relay 711

Rental Assistance and Subsidized Housing

Older persons may be eligible for an apartment in an elderly housing project subsidized by the Federal Government or, if they are not living in housing for the elderly they may be eligible to receive rental assistance so that they pay no more than 30% of their income.

To learn about these programs, contact the Maine State Housing Authority. They can provide you with:

  • A list of low cost housing projects.
  • The addresses and phone numbers of Farmer's Home Administration offices where you can get information on subsidized apartments, locations and application procedures.
  • Addresses and phone numbers of local housing authorities that manage some developments and accept applications for rental assistance in existing privately owned apartments.

Maine State Housing Authority
353 Water Street
Augusta, Maine 04330-4633.
Phone: 207-626-4600
Toll Free: 1-800-452-4668
Toll Free TTY: 1-800-452-4603

Visit the Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) Subsidized Apartment Search tool to find subsidized apartments in your area.


Money is available to people with low income for some weatherization projects including furnace tune-up and repairs, caulking, glass replacement, and insulation. Contact your local Community Action Agency.