Medical Eligibility Assessment/MeCare

What is MECARE?

There are a number of State and MaineCare funded long-term care programs which require medical and/or financial eligibility. The Medical Eligibility Determination (MED) assessment form is used when medical eligibility is determined. MECARE is the computer version of the MED form. Assessments are done for initial eligibility and to review for ongoing eligibility. The MED assessment is used to see if a person meets the requirements for Nursing facility level of care, several MaineCare home care programs including adult day health, the state funded Home Based Care program, the state funded Assisted Living Services program and the Homemaker program. It is required for anyone entering a nursing home.

How to get an assessment

To get started call Goold Health Systems (GHS) at 1-800-609-7893. You will be asked several questions about the help a person is looking for and what the financial circumstances are for this person. Goold then decides whether or not a face to face assessment will be done. There is no charge, and the assessment is private. If GHS determines that a face-to-face assessment is needed, you will be contacted by a GHS assessor to schedule the assessment.

The assessment

The assessment may be done in your home, in the hospital or nursing home by a Registered Nurse. The nurse uses a laptop computer to collect the information to complete the assessment. The nurse will ask about the kinds of tasks you can do by yourself, what kinds of medications you take, what kinds of help you need, whether you have friends and family members or neighbors who can help you, what your income is, and other questions. You may request that a family member or other person be present at the assessment.