Home care: Where to find It

Long-Term Care Assessment

The State of Maine Long-term Care Assessment is for anyone who needs long-term care services and who wants to know which ones are available and affordable.

The first step is a telephone screen to make sure you need an assessment. If you do, there is no charge, and the assessment is private. The assessment is done in your home, in the hospital, or nursing home by a Registered Nurse. The nurse uses a form called the “MED” (Medical Eligibility Determination form). The nurse will ask about the kinds of tasks you can do by yourself, what kinds of help you need, whether you have friends and family members or neighbors who can help you, what your income is, and other questions.

For more information, or to have a telephone screen, call Goold Health Systems at 1-800-609-7893 or toll free V/TTY 1-888-720-1925. The free assessment is available throughout the state and is required for anyone entering a nursing home.

Long-Term Care Ombudsman (LTCOP)

Using paid staff and volunteers, the Ombudsman program investigates complaints about nursing homes, boarding homes, and home care services in Maine. Your call will be confidential.

For more information, call 621-1079, or toll free and TTY at 1-800-499-0229.