Home Base Care Open to Admissions

Elder Independence of Maine has completed its review of everyone on the Home Based Care waiting list and it is now possible to make the following important changes:

  1. Long-term Care Advisory and Home Based Care assessments are now available.
  2. The Home Based Care program is open to new admissions.
  3. Goold Health Systems will accept referrals and determine if a face to face assessment is needed.

Home Based Care: Consumers who are assessed and found eligible for Home Based Care will be contacted by EIM on receipt of the assessment and the Plan of Carex will be implemented. Staffing continues to be challenging in some areas of the state. For those who do not receive a face-to-face assessment, based on the prescreening outcome, Goold Health Systems will make referrals to other services, such as Homemaker, Alzheimer's Respite, Adult Day Services, or Family Caregiver; and provide the same written information that now is given at the face-to-face assessment.

Advisory Assessments: Individuals potentially eligible for a MaineCare program or Home Based Care, or who are actively seeking nursing facility placement and have identified a facility; and those who are converting to private pay at the end of a SNF stay will be assessed. Goold will continue to prescreen consumers to see if their needs and interests warrant a face-to-face assessment and will do any assessments on those referred who meet the need for a face to face assessment.

Hospital Assessments: Patients being discharged home who are potentially eligible for Home Based Care or MaineCare home care services may be assessed prior to or after discharge depending on individual situations. Please continue to maximize Medicare & MaineCare Home Health services on discharge. Consumers who previously received home care services that have lapsed due to the 30-day suspension will be reassessed. Assessments for persons being discharged to residential care or assisted living are not required.

We will continue to update you as new information becomes available.