Maine Home & Community Care Care Choices for Maine Elders and Adults with Disabilities

Many people need help caring for themselves because of physical or mental conditions. Some may simply need help with their meals or bathing. Others may need more extensive support.

They want to have as many choices as possible. And, they want to have services in their homes and in their communities.

Home and Community Care is a range of personal, health, and support services for individuals and their families/caregivers.

Services may be available at:
  • homeassisted living residencesnursing homes
  • adult day services centers

Most people want to be independent.

An Important Decision
Often people don't think about these services until there is a crisis in the family.

Others find that choosing services is difficult and confusing.

Now Maine individuals, families and caregivers can know what is available as they make these important life decisions.

Matching People with Services

A home and community care assessment is a way to help people learn what services are available to them. It also lets people plan for services they may need in the future. The assessment takes a total look at a persons abilities and limitations. It includes a series of questions such as:

  • What can you do for yourself
  • What do you need help doing?
  • Do you have family, friends, or neighbors who can help you?
  • How is your memory?
  • What are your income and assets?
  • Would special equipment, or changes to your house, make it easier for you to live at home?
  • Would you like to manage your services, or would you prefer to have help managing all or some of your services?

Through an assessment, people find out what programs they qualify for. The assessment is an important step in helping individuals and families get the care they need and want. It helps people decide the best choice for themselves. As abilities and limitations change over time, the assessment helps identify whether services will be increased or decreased.

Home & Community Care may include:

  • Meals and shopping
  • Housekeeping
  • Help with bathing, dressing and eating
  • Time off for caregivers
  • Adult day services
  • Transportation
  • Nursing care
  • Physical, speech, and occupational therapy
  • Other services to help maintain independence

Available for Anyone, Required for Nursing Home Applicants

The home and community care assessment is for anyone who wants to know what services are available and affordable. The first step is a telephone screen to make sure you need an assessment. However, any person who wants to move to a nursing home must have an assessment. The assessment lets people know if they qualify for nursing home care.

A Registered Nurse may come to your home, the hospital, the nursing home, or wherever you live. The nurse will call to schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient. You may invite others to be present during the assessment if you wish.

There is no charge for the assessment
The assessment is private and takes about 2 hours
To request an assessment, call:
(Goold Health Systems)
Toll Free
For more information about home and community care, call your local
Area Agency on Aging

V/TTY Toll Free
OADS Aging Services
Toll free
1-(800) 262-2232
TTY Toll Free
Maine relay 711