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Adaptive Equipment

  • Adaptive equipment is anything that helps someone with a disability to be more independent.  Adaptive equipment includes “gadgets” such as telephone amplifiers, talking clocks, large-print books, cooking and eating utensils for one-handed use, self-threading needles, lifts for getting upstairs, long-handled garden tools.  Other examples are: 
  • a lever handle on a door
  • a motorized wheelchair
  • a roll-in shower
  • a wheelchair lift for a business, home, or van
  • a computer that reads aloud to a person who is blind or has low vision
  • a text telephone (TTY)
  • assistive animals, such as dogs that help people with visual or hearing impairments
  • a communication device for person who cannot talk

The Kim D. Wallace Adaptive Equipment Loan Program is a fund that makes low interest, long term loans available to Maine citizens and businesses who need adaptive equipment.  For more information, call Alpha One, listed in this booklet, or the Finance Authority of Maine at (207) 623-3263. www.alphaonenow.org External site disclaimer