Healthy Choices - Become a Volunteer Leader

Become a Volunteer Leader (Living Well and Matter of Balance) - Volunteer lay leaders play a crucial role in the delivery of the Living Well and Matter of Balance programs. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer Matter of Balance Coach or Living Well Leader, please directly contact the organizations offering leader and coach training listed below.

Training Activities

  Living Well Leader Training  
  Matter of Balance Coach Training  
  Living Well Master Training  

Leaders can further support the program by being trained to provide Living Well for Better Health Leader Training. Completion of Living Well Leader Training is required and experience teaching at least one class is recommended to participate in this Master Training.

  Matter of Balance Master Training  

Interested Coaches can further support the program by being trained as Matter of Balance Master Trainers. Completion of Matter of Balance Coach Training is It is not required to participate in Master Training.

Other Classes