Unit 3


To explain your responsibilities as a mandated reporter under Maine's Adult Protective Services Act.

Maine law requires that if any of the following individuals suspects that an adult has been abused, neglected or exploited, and there is reasonable cause to suspect that the adult is incapacitated or dependent, then that individual shall immediately make a report to the Department.

Individuals who are mandated to report while acting in a professional capacity:

Ambulance Attendant Mental Professional Occupational
Animal Control Officer Therapist
Certified Nursing Assistant Pharmacist
Chiropractor Physical Therapist
Clergy* Physician (M.D. and D.O.)
Dentist Physician's Assistant
Emergency Medical Technician Podiatrist
Emergency Room Personnel Psychologist
Humane Agent Law Enforcement Official
Registered Nurse Social Worker
Licensed Practical Nurse Speech Therapist
Medical Examiner Unlicensed Assistive Personnel
Medical Intern   (includes Personal Care

*A clergy member acquiring the information as a result of clerical professional work except for information received during confidential communications.

Others who are mandated to report include:

  • Any other individual who has assumed full, intermittent or occasional responsibility for the care or custody of the adult, whether or not the person receives compensation.
  • Any person affiliated with a church or religious institution who serves in an administrative capacity or has otherwise assumed a position of trust or responsibility to the members of that church or religious institution, while acting in that capacity, regardless of whether the person receives compensation.

So, are you a Mandated Reporter?

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