Unit 2

Behavioral Indicators of Abusive Caregivers

  • Verbal berating, harassment, or intimidation
  • Threats of punishment of depriving of essential needs
  • Isolating a person from friends or other family members
  • Treating the individual like an infant
  • Leaving a person alone for long periods of time
  • Withholding affection to gain compliance
  • Unwillingness to comply with service providers in planning for care
  • Obvious absence of assistance, attitude of indifference or anger toward the victim
  • Giving a person no privacy
  • Denying a person the right to make decisions
  • Demonstrates inappropriate sex-role relationship
  • Inconsistent or implausible explanation of injuries
  • Handles the person roughly or in a manner that is threatening, manipulative, sexually suggestive or insulting
  • Excessive concern about cost of caring for the older person or reluctant about spending money or paying bills.

Suspicious Explanations

  • "The injury was an accident."
  • "The victim fell."
  • "There was no abuse...she bruises easily."
  • "It was a gift."
  • "She owed me the money."
  • "He gave me permissions to have, use, borrow it."
  • "I was going to give it back."
  • "He refuses services."
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