Unit 2

Financial Exploitation

  • The illegal or improper use of an incapacitated or dependent adult or that adult’s resources for another’s profit or advantage. (Title 22 3472)

Physical Indicators:

  • Unusual volume or type of banking activity, or activity inconsistent with victim's ability.
  • Nonpayment of bills
  • Eviction
  • Care of the person is not consistent with the size of the estate
  • Missing property or belongings
  • Suspicious signatures on checks or other documents
  • Caregiver has no means of support
  • Signing blank checks
  • Purchase of items that do not benefit older person, i.e. boats, sports equipment, or real estate
  • Transfer of ownership of property to a "new friend" or relatives with little prior involvement in the elder person's life
  • The person's report of financial exploitation

Behavioral Indicators:

  • Implausible explanations about his/her finances
  • Unaware or doesn't understand financial arrangements
  • Concerned or confused about missing funds from their account
  • Abrupt changes in a will or other financial documents
  • Change in spending habits
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