Adult Protective Services - Training Materials for Financial Institutions

The Maine Reporting Project for Financial Institutions is a collaborative partnership with the Maine Association of Community Banks, the Maine Bankers Association and the Maine Credit Union League. It is also supported by the Maine Bureau of Financial Institutions and the Office of Attorney General.

The goals of the Project are to prevent financial exploitation through educating employees and customers of financial institutions, and to increase the voluntary cooperation between the financial community and Adult Protective Services Program. Financial institutions are in a unique position to have early, and often the only, knowledge of financial exploitation. These training materials provide guidance for the early identification of financial exploitation cases as well as a protocol for simple and effective reporting to Adult Protective Services.

Trainer Manual( Microsoft Word) also in Adobe PDF
A "Train the Trainer" manual for financial institutions on how to prevent, detect and report financial exploitation.
Employee Manual ( Microsoft Word) also in Adobe PDF
A training manual for use by employees of financial institutions.
Summary Charts ( Microsoft Word) also in Adobe PDF
A quick reference guide on financial exploitation.
Customer Care and Alzheimer's Disease (PowerPoint)
Training developed by the Maine Alzheimer's Association for financial professionals regarding customer care for individuals with Alzheimer's Disease or related dementia.