Alzheimer's/Dementia Support Services

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Penobscot County

Alzheimer’s Diagnosis and Evaluation: Through a comprehensive assessment, a team consisting of a geriatric physician and/or nurse, social worker and specialized staff determine the type of memory disorder or dementia. Information about the disease and assistance in obtaining the necessary resources to provide the most appropriate care are provided. Maine’s evaluation centers are listed below:

Name Address Phone
The Center for Healthy Aging Bangor, Maine (207) 973-7094
Community Health and Counseling Services and Maine Coast Physician’s Affiliate Bangor, Maine (207) 947-0366
AGES Program, University of New England Biddeford and Portland, Maine 1-800-930-2437 and
(207) 283-4882
The Alzheimer’s and Memory Center, Eastern Neurology Associates Bangor, Maine (207) 947-0558
Memory Clinic, Cary Medical Center Caribou, Maine (207) 498-3111 ext. 1394
Gardiner Evaluation Unit, Gardiner, Maine (207) 626-1773
MMC Geriatric Center Scarborough, Maine 871-2847

Geriatricians: Physicians specializing in the care of the elderly.

Name Address Phone
Henry Atkins, MD 78 Ridgewood Dr. Bangor 947-0768
Dale Walker, MD 302 Husson Ave., Ste.2 Bangor 942-2273
Thomas Hayward, MD P.O. Box 339 East Corinth 285-3312

Geriatric Psychiatrists: Psychiatrists specializing in the care of the elderly.

Name Address Phone
Jeffrey S. Barkin, MD 498 Essex Street Bangor 947-0558
Niamh Holohan, MD 498 Essex Street Bangor 947-0558

Neurologists: A referral from a primary care physician is usually required for a neurologist, who specializes in brain diseases and disorders.

Name Address Phone
David Goodenough, MD 498 Essex Street Bangor 947-0558
Thaddeus Jozefowicz, MD 268 Stillwater Ave. Bangor 973-6100
Sally Kirkpatrick, MD 498 Essex Street Bangor 947-0558
Francis Kitteredge, MD 498 Essex Street Bangor 947-0558
Stephanie Lash, MD 498 Essex Street Bangor 947-0558
George Wright, MD 498 Essex Street Bangor 947-0558
Brian Gallagher, MD 303 Main Street Orono 866-5561

Elder Law Attorneys: Specifically knowledgeable about the laws and regulations that affect the elderly, including powers of attorney, guardianship, transfer of assets and Medicaid and Medicare.

Name Address Phone
Ray Bradford 50 Columbia Street Bangor 947-0173
Cohen & Cohen, PA 22 State Street Bangor 945-5601
Nathan Dane 205 French Street, Ste. 1 Bangor 947-1144
Clarissa Edelston P.O. Box 1210 Bangor 947-0111
Edith Richardson, Rudman & Winchell P.O. Box 1401 Bangor 947-4501
Jane Skelton 209 State Street Bangor 947-6500
Brent Slater 115 Franklin St., Suite 2A Bangor 947-6151
Lawyer Referral and Information Service   1-800-860-1460
Legal Services for the Elderly   1-800-750-5353
Volunteer Lawyers Project   1-800-442-4293

In-Home Respite: Funds are available through the Partners in Caring Program to pay for in-home respite and overnight respite at home or in a facility to give caregivers some time off. With temporary relief, families may be able to care for the person with dementia at home much longer than would otherwise be possible. For more information, contact:

Name Address Phone
Eastern Agency on Aging 450 Essex Street Bangor 1-800-432-7812

Support Groups: Led by an experienced facilitator, caregivers have the opportunity to share experiences and get support and emotional encouragement from others.

Name Address Phone
Westgate Manor 750 Union Street Bangor 942-7336
First Congregational Church Brewer 942-7336
Dexter Health Care 64 Park Street Dexter 924-5516
Colonial Health Care Lincoln 794-6534

Adult Day Services: Day care centers provide a safe, structured setting, which can help to maintain functioning as long as possible.

Name Address Phone
Ross Manor 758 Broadway Bangor 941-8400
Golden Years ADC 44 Perkins Avenue Old Town 827-7294
Mountain Hts Adult Day Svs. 83 Houlton Street Patten 528-2200
Westgate Manor 750 Union Street Bangor 942-7336
My Friends Place 703 Essex Street Bangor 945-0122

Home Health Agencies: Visiting nurses, home health aides, personal care assistants, and homemakers can provide services in the home ranging from personal care to health care and professional care.

Name Address Phone
A Loving Touch 149 Cedar Street Bangor 990-1995
Apria Healthcare 100 Dowd Road Bangor 942-5579
Bridges P.O. Box 2309 Augusta 1-800-876-9212
Bangor Area Visiting Nurses 885 Union St Bangor 973-6550
Comm. Health & Counseling P.O. Box 425 Bangor 947-0366
Home Resources of Maine P.O. Box 358 Gardiner 1-800-639-3084
Hospice of Eastern Maine 412 State Street Bangor 945-8269
New England Home Health 412 State Street Bangor 945-3374
Comm. Health & Counseling Charleston 564-2267
Comm. Health & Counseling Dexter 564-2267
Comm. Health & Counseling East Corinth 564-2267
Comm. Health & Counseling Eddington 947-0366
Comm. Health & Counseling PO Box 208 Lincoln 794-2001
Comm. Health & Counseling Levant 947-0366
Comm. Health & Counseling Old Town 947-0366
Comm. Health & Counseling Orono 947-0366
Bangor Area Visiting Nurses Levant 947-0589

Residential Care/Assisted Living Facilities with Alzheimer’s Units: Residential care and assisted living (AL) facilities serve individuals who need supervision around the clock, but do not yet have the medical problems that require nursing home placement.

Name Address Phone
(Alz) Eastside Rehab & Living Ctr 516 Mt Hope Avenue Bangor 947-6131
(Alz) Ross Manor 758 Broadway Bangor 941-8400
(Alz) Westgate Manor 750 Union Street Bangor 942-7336

Nursing Facilities with Alzheimer’s Units: Nursing facilities serve people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias who have medical needs that require nursing care.

Name Address Phone
Alz Ross Manor 758 Broadway Bangor 941-8400
Alz Westgate Manor 750 Union Street Bangor 942-7336
Alz Maine Veterans’ Home 44 Hogan Road Bangor 942-2333
Alz Brewer Rehab & Living Ctr. 74 Parkway South Brewer 989-7300
Colonial Healthcare P.O. Box 70 Lincoln 794-6534


For More Information Call:

The Alzheimer’s Association
Maine Chapter
Portland, ME

TEL: 1-800-660-2871

This list does not constitute an endorsement or a recommendation.