Downeast - District 7 News & Updates

Local Health Officer Updates

If you have become a new Local Health Officer or are replacing one, please verify this information by contacting

In addition, an online training course has been established for all Local Health Officers

All towns in Maine are required to appoint a Local Health Officer. Please work with us to make sure your town meets this requirement. Please contact for more information.

For technical assistance in dealing with local complaints or health issues, please contact Al May at 255-2017 or

Downeast District

We are currently working through the strategies and activities of our two year District Public Health Improvement Plan for 2011-2012.

Our District Coordinating Council meets on a quarterly basis. Our leadership team or Planning Committee consists of two co-chairs, one representing Hancock County and one representing Washington County; along with representatives from a sampling of our multisector council, including health care, Healthy Maine Partnerships, health/social services, county and municipal government, education, and early childhood to name a few.

Quarterly DCC meetings for 2012: March 23, June 29, September 28 and November 30. All are currently planned for 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and will be held at the Maine Sea Coast Mission campus in Cherryfield.

For more information or a current update, please contact Al May at 255-2017 or