Western - District 3 Public Health Unit


Maine CDC field staff in the Western District cover multiple overlapping jurisdictions including the counties of the Western District as well as Cumberland and Piscataquis Counties. As of November 2009, many of the staff serving the Western District are co-located in the DHHS office at 200 Main St., Lewiston. Several of the staff are located in other DHHS offices.

Western Public Health Unit staff currently include:

  • 7 Public Health Nurses;
  • 2 Drinking Water Field Inspectors,
  • 3 Health Inspectors, and
  • 1 Infectious Disease Field Epidemiologist,
  • 1 District Liaison.

The team maintains communication through a quarterly newsletter and occasional face to face meetings.


PHU Newsletters

For more information contact Jamie Paul at (207)795-4302 or Jamie L.Paul@maine.gov