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  Maine Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory Last Updated: 09/13/2004
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1. Use glass vial with plastic screw cap to collect the sample.

2. Let water run from the faucet until the storage tank empties, if possible. Otherwise, let the water run at least 10 minutes before collecting the sample.

3. Slowly fill the bottle to overflowing with as little agitation as possible. Tightly screw the cap back into place.

4. Invert the vial to make sure no air bubbles are present in the sample. If a large air bubble is present, empty the vial and resample.

5. Record date and time of sample collection in the space provided on the other side of this form. We cannot analyze the sample without this information!

6. Return the sample promptly to the laboratory. You will receive your results in approximately 10 days.




1. Let the water run for at least 5-10 minutes.

2. Fill all containers and screw cap(s) tightly back into place.

3. Fill out the necessary information on the other side of this form.

4. Return sample promptly to the laboratory.



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